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Dream Euro 2004 Fantasy Football Game - £500 Grand Prize
 It costs absolutely NOTHING to enter, yes that's FREE!!
 You can register a team at any point during the Euro 2004 tournament.
 By entering you'll have a shot at winning the great prizes on offer this season.
 You are limited to one team per registered email address and any members found breaking this rule will have teams deleted.
 Your team is automatically entered into league at the first selection deadline after you have selected your team.
 For your squad to be entered you must have 20 players selected.
 If you do not have 20 players selected your team will not be entered until you have selected 20 players.
 Until your team has been entered into the competition you can make as many changes as you like to your team through the squad selection screen.
 Once your team has been entered into the competition you will lose access to the squad selection screen and your squad can't be changed.
 First-team players and 3 subs are chosen from your squad from matchday to matchday to represent your team. This means that you can select a different team for each tournament matchday, therefore maximising points.
 Players may only be picked to play in the position shown in squad selection section.
 No more than two players from any country may be chosen.
 Your First-team can be changed as much as you like from your squad of 20 players.
 The team selection deadline is 1 hour before the first match played on each matchday. At this deadline your team is recorded and your points for that match day will be calculated on that selection.
 You are able to start changing your team selection in preperation for the next matchday immediately after the selection deadline has passsed. But always ensure that the deadline has passed by checking that your selection has been accepted.
 The performance points given to players are detailed in the points section and are based on Euro 2004 games only.
 Points updates will generally happen within 12 hours of the matches ending, watch out for announcements about update timings before contacting us.
 Substitutes points are scored in the same way as your first 11 players.
 Substitutes do not have to be substitutes in real life to score points.
 Substitute's points act as a tie-break decider in the event that points totals are tied, in the same way as goal difference on football league tables.
 The judges decision regarding points is final, no discussion will be entered into. On rare occasions the information provided to us is incorrect, this is unfortunate but unavoidable.
 Points are awarded based on the referee's decision on the day, if decisions are reversed points will not be amended e.g. withdrawn yellow and red cards.
 Teams overall league positions will be available in the "team standings" section once the season begins, with a summary of the top 5 of the free and subscription leagues on the homepage depending on which league you're registered with.
 Teams mini-league positions will be available in the "my mini-league" section.
 The overall winner of the championship will be the team with the most points after the points update of the season, who will receive the grand prize.
 In the event of a tie, points from the substitutes will be taken into account as a tie-breaker.
 Substitutes’ points scores do not count unless in the event of a tie.
 In the unlikely event of there still being a tie, prizes will be redistributed accordingly.
 Final results will be announced and Grand Prizes distributed within 1 month of the Euro 2004 tournament ending.
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