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After you have completed your registration you will need to select your squad of 20 players. You are not allowed to select any more than 2 players from each country. You can change your squad as much as you like up until the kickoff on the 12th June. Your team is automatically entered when the matchday deadline occurs, provided you have 20 players in your squad. Once you have selected 20 players, you will be able to select your team's formation and place players in position.
During the season you will have access to your team selection. Each matchday you can select the 11 players (plus 3 subs) that you consider most likely to score well that matchday (team selection is automatically entered 1 hour before Kick-off). You can however choose to leave the same team selected for long periods, but the tactical advantages of regularly reviewing your team are obvious. During the season you can view detailed statistics about both your team and league competition. You cannot change your squad of 20 players during the season.
In order to win one of the Dream Euro 2004 prizes, you will need to be in the top 3 teams at the end of the championship. You may not have to wait until the end of the championship to win prizes though, because there will be ongoing competitions throughout the tournament. Prizes could be the shirt of your favourite team or even autographed merchandise including shirts, footballs, pictures etc.
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